Episode 01: Dr. Charles A. Henry

CharlesaHenryDr. Charles A. Henry was accused of killing a man over a land dispute in 1855. Was is murder or self defense? And how is it that an outbreak of a deadly illness perhaps saved Henry’s life? From physician to pharmacist to Civil War spy, Dr. Henry was a busy and colorful contribution to Omaha history.

2 thoughts on “Episode 01: Dr. Charles A. Henry”

  1. I really thought you both did a great job!!!!!! I am not a history person,,,,but I was able to follow this story pretty well. I love the casual tones in your voices,,don’t feel like I am in a classroom…more relaxed. Can’t wait for your next production.

  2. He’s got to be a psychopath, right? How old was he when he was accused of murder before he persuaded the people of Omaha to set him free by saving their lives? I mean, if I’m going to be hung I wouldn’t charge people for healthcare either…

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