Omaha History Podcast is a biweekly program, created to bring the most fascinating aspects of Omaha history to life! Omaha’s past is awash with colorful characters, intriguing stories, and devious scandals. We use a variety of primary and secondary sources to enlighten you with the details of some of the more unusual and interesting tales surrounding the history of this great city.




Marcia Bennett (marcia@omahahistorypodcast.com)

Marcia is a graduate of the University of Nebraska – Omaha, with a degree in history and a minor in Native American studies. She has a strong foundation in American history, and finds the quirkiness of Omaha history particularly enjoyable. Her areas of interest are the homefront of Omaha during WWII, 19th century Omaha history, the history of the American space program, and the American West. She wrote her senior thesis about Omaha real estate agent Byron Reed’s involvement in Rutherford B. Hayes’ Omaha saloon scandal. Marcia has interned at several Omaha/metro museums, and hopes to one day work in a museum in any capacity that doesn’t involve crafts or children.

When not writing papers or working on digital humanities projects, Marcia enjoys photography, true crime books, and hanging on every word that JK Rowling tweets. She’s never met a pun she didn’t like.

Jeremy Gutierrez (jeremy@omahahistorypodcast.com)

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Omaha with a History degree and a double minor in Anthropology and Native American Studies. While he is listed as an Americanist, Jeremy’s true passion lies in the up and coming fields of digital history and Global Indigenous studies. Many of his projects revolve around Dark Tourism and the effects western culture has on the Indigenous populations of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Jeremy has received several grants to facilitate his research and this past summer spent time living with Maori, viewing perhaps the oldest cave art in the world and even went to Middle Earth. Other recent areas of research involve the correlation of the end on Nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands and the rise of the surf culture in Southern California and the creation of the Trinity Testing site as a tourist attraction to promote American Nationalism during the Cold War. Currently Jeremy is pursuing his MA at the University if Nebraska Omaha.

When not elbow deep in research, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his two children and both plays and coaches hockey. Ultimately Jeremy’s daily goal is to make Marcia’s life as difficult as possible.


Paula Sweeney

Paula is a graduate from the University of Nebraska – Omaha, with a double major in History and English Literature and a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. While the focus of her studies in college was more European than American, her time as an intern at The Durham Museum for three semesters has incredibly broadened her knowledge of Omaha history. Working with years of AkSarBen history, old photos of Omaha from the archives, and various research projects zeroing in on Omaha as a city have helped to pique and captivate her interest in this vibrant city.

When a break is needed from American history, Paula spends much of her time re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, reading literary classics, and attempting to keep Marcia from making puns for as long as possible.

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